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Our Story


At University of Beer “UoB” Our idea of relaxation is enjoying a quality brew with genuine people, so in 2012 we created a beer lover’s paradise for that exact purpose.


Our passion is beer. We believe that every craft beer has a story to tell and take great pride in showcasing the diverse and extraordinary works of America’s small and independent breweries, especially those from our local communities.

Each location features a colossal number of draft lines with beers, carefully selected to ensure a wide variety of styles--both popular and niche--and a sampling of the best local beers unique to the area. When a keg is empty, we replace it with something completely new to ensure that every visit to UoB is a unique experience.

UoB bartenders are Cicerone Certified Beertenders, a credential which ensures that the team member serving your beer is fully trained on the fundamentals of beer styles and flavors, proper pouring technique, and how to care for our equipment to ensure our guests are enjoying their beer as it was intended to be served by the brewmaster who created it.

Our Story

About Us


We aim to build a great and enduring company—the kind our people are proud to work for, and our guests can’t stop talking about.


Keys To

Our Success

The restaurant industry is an honest one. Mishandle a guest’s food or drink, and they won’t be back. Success will only occur if we consistently provide legendary hospitality, the kind of unique and genuine sort of personal care and attention that our guests tell stories about.

To accomplish this goal, we orient ourselves toward the following three fundamentals:


Our Core Values

Our core values embody our culture, spirit, and dedication to building a great and enduring company. They influence every decision we make and form the foundation of our measurement of success.


Excellence Is In The Details

Excellence occurs when we commit ourselves to doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.


There Is Always Room For Improvement

If we aim to create something great, we cannot stop at good enough.


Take Responsibility

Success and fulfillment only come after we decide to accept responsibility.


Complaints Are Opportunities In Disguise

If we truly resolve to create something wonderful, we must constantly seek negative feedback.


Learn Something New Every Day

Today’s thinking will not solve tomorrow’s challenges.


Leave Things Better Than You Found Them

We endeavor to add value in everything we do, rather than removing it.

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