University of Beer is proud to partner with local companies, clubs, teams, and charities.

We make fundraising for your organization incredibly easy. Just fill out the application below and one of our managers will reach out to you to setup a time and location for the event. University of Beer will provide flyers and marketing tools to help you get the message out to your network. Our fundraisers donate up to 20% of all purchases from guests who bring in flyers for your event.

Getting Started

* Please fill out of Fundraiser Request form below.

* Please have your Tax ID available.

* Once completed, one of our managers will contact you within 72-hours.

* Once your request is approved, you will receive a flyer with a custom bar code.

* We also will provide you with digital advertisements for your event formatted for Facebook and Instagram.

Your Big Night

* Make sure your supporters bring in their flyers to the fundraiser.

* Your supporters need on present their flyer to their bartender, and University of Beer will take care of the rest.

After Your Fundraiser

* We will mail your organization a check for up to 20% of the total sales from your supporters’ checks (see chart below).

* Please allow 21 business days for your check to arrive.

Total Sales from Supporters

$250.00 - $499.99

$500.00 - $999.99

$1,000.00 or more

% Donated to Organization






Estimated Donations : $


* Flyers must be distributed prior to the fundraiser. Supporters must bring their own flyers. No flyers may be distributed to guests arriving or already dining.

* University of Beer makes no guarantees as to the amount raised at your fundraiser. The success of your fundraiser will vary depending on the number of supporters who attend the event and the average spend per supporter.

* Donations are made from pre-tax sales of all non-discounted items (i.e. no Happy Hour).

* Event Dates exclude holidays, major events, and weekends.

I have read & agree to the above information

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