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The restaurant industry is an honest one. Mishandle a guest’s food or drink, and they won’t be back. Success will only occur if we consistently provide legendary hospitality, the kind of unique and genuine sort of personal care and attention that our guests tell stories about. To accomplish this goal, we orient ourselves toward the following three fundamentals:

Customer Service
Quality Products
Great Ambience

Our Culture


At University of Beer, we are committed to our team members’ ongoing personal and professional growth. We acknowledge and reward those who thrive in our culture of continuous learning, hard work, and dedication to our vision and core values.

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Our Success

Keys To

We aim to build a great and enduring company—the kind our people are proud to work for, and our guests can’t stop talking about. 


Text "beer" to (530) 290 - 8844

¿Hablas Español? Llame a Jacqueline (916) 704 - 6671

Core Values

Our core values embody our culture, spirit, and dedication to building a great and enduring company. They influence every decision we make and form the foundation of our measurement of success.


Excellence Is In The Details

Excellence occurs when we commit ourselves to doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.


There Is Always Room For Improvement

If we aim to create something great, we cannot stop at good enough.


Take Responsibility

Success and fulfillment only come after we decide to accept responsibility.


Complaints Are Opportunities In Disguise

If we truly resolve to create something wonderful, we must constantly seek negative feedback.


Learn Something New Every Day

Today’s thinking will not solve tomorrow’s challenges.


Leave Things Better Than You Found Them

We endeavor to add value in everything we do, rather than removing it.

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Benefits & Growth

Your future success is our goal! We believe in investing in our teams and providing them the training and feedback they will need to be successful. Every decision we make regarding our teammates’ growth in the company is based on merit, not seniority or experience.


University of Beer Chef Holding Seared Ahi Salad


Our comprehensive training and certification process shows our dedication to our team members’ personal and professional development.


University of Beer is proud to give all our team members the opportunity to save for their retirement by offering a 401k plan with employer match!

University of Beer Employee holding Beers
Team UoB, University of Beer Staff


We believe that a healthy teammate is a happy teammate. To this end, we are committed to providing medical, dental, and vision coverage to all team members that qualify.

Employee Discount

We are happy to offer all our team members a 35% discount at University of Beer.

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University of Beer


Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 11 am - 7 pm
If you have any questions or concerns with recruiting,
please reach out to one of our recruiters.
HR Recruitment Department
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